torge bergmann
I am a Berlin-based designer with a focus on inclusive
user experience design for digital products and services.

The past decade
I spent my time in design careering from starting as an assistant to become creative director. The consumer-goods industry was my design lab. I travelled a lot, worked (too) many hours, attended countless meetings, and worked with a vast amount of multidisciplinary and diverse teams. I've been an employee, I've been a freelancer, I've been a co-founder. I designed small things, very very big things, print things, digital things and 4D things. All to grow brands, sell goods, make the consumer happy and create holistic experiences.

Again Today
To design solutions for more profound problems, and create great experiences, I make use of what I've learned, improve what needs to be improved and love to learn new skills.

I am
available for full-time work.
available for non-profit work for charitable causes.
available for having a coffee (also remote).

TomorrowI can't solve all your problems.
But we can find many suitable and extraordinary solutions.

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